Is a Digital Marketing Bootcamp Worth It?

Learn about the benefits & challenges of attending a digital marketing bootcamp & decide if it's worth it for you.

Is a Digital Marketing Bootcamp Worth It?

Attending a marketing bootcamp is an effective way to gain digital marketing skills and create a portfolio to showcase your experience. You'll spend less time and money compared to a traditional degree, and depending on the course you choose, you'll get a comprehensive education in digital marketing. However, the cost of a bootcamp can be a major deterrent for many people. A digital marketing bootcamp can provide you with the skills you need to work as a digital marketer, content strategist, social media manager, SEO specialist, and marketing manager.

Thinkful offers a three-month bootcamp that has helped graduates land jobs at companies such as Amazon, IBM and Twitter. If you're attending an in-person training event, you can meet other marketers looking to improve their knowledge and career. Degrees are great for learning a wide range of digital marketing skills over a long period of time. But if you want a more focused, affordable and convenient learning program, consider online marketing certifications and bootcamps.

BrainStation has done an excellent job using digital technology to teach digital marketing courses virtually, even during the pandemic. Digital marketers use many strategies, such as search engine advertising, Facebook ads, and social media marketing. Degrees that develop skills related to digital marketing are attractive to employers, such as journalism or even computer science, since the skills needed to be a digital marketer can range from writing to dealing with data and analytics. There are many digital marketing bootcamps that can give candidates an edge and position them for success in the field.

You'll learn digital marketing strategy, social media marketing and how to create a digital marketing campaign. However, if you want to learn individual digital marketing skills in less time, an online course is a better option. CareerFoundry is an online bootcamp that offers flexible paced programs for career changers in web development, UX design, UI design and data analysis.The General Assembly provides individualized mentor support and free access to Certified Marketer Level 1 (CM) assessment, study guide and practice assessment. Digital marketers work with email, social media, video and search engine optimization (SEO) to promote brands in the digital sphere.

The General Assembly covers digital marketing best practices while preparing students for real-world marketing challenges. Digital marketing bootcamps are intensive learning programs designed by experts to teach students everything they need to be hired into high-paying marketing positions. They also teach students how to use tools such as Google Analytics to analyze the performance of their marketing campaigns. Digital marketing covers a wide range of disciplines, generally the same as digital marketing titles. Overall, it's safe to say that for most people, digital marketing bootcamps are worth it if they are looking for an affordable and convenient way to gain new skills or advance their career in the field of digital marketing.