The History and Evolution of Digital Marketing in India

Learn about the history & evolution of digital marketing in India - from its beginnings with Indiamart in 1996 to its current state.

The History and Evolution of Digital Marketing in India

Internet services were launched in India on 15 August 1995 by VSNL, and it didn't take long for the Indian business community to recognize the potential of Internet marketing in the country. The following year, 1996, saw the launch of IndiaMart's B2B marketplace, marking the beginning of digital marketing in India. Indiamart's arrival was met with a unique response from Indians, as they had never encountered such a business model before.

Digital marketing

is an expansive field that encompasses both technical and non-technical skills to create a wave of popularity on the Internet.

The use of mobile phones, computers and laptops has increased significantly, resulting in a massive shift in the growth of digital channels in terms of both strength and volume. Marketers soon realized that Internet users were increasingly using search engines to find information online. The reason why they achieved success in their early digital marketing campaigns in India is that there was no competition at the time and marketing their products and services online was relatively easy. When Digital Marketing came to India with Indiamart in 1996, not many people knew about it, and even if some did, they didn't know how to access the Internet.

Digital marketing in India has a bright future ahead, as more people are transitioning from traditional marketing practices to digital marketing. There are multiple digital payment options available to individuals, ensuring that most payment transactions are now done digitally. Digital marketing, also known as Internet marketing, began in the 1990s with the emergence of the commercial Internet. It can be broadly defined as the promotion of a brand through the Internet and other electronic media.

When you look at the history and evolution of digital marketing, you'll see that every technology has been backed up by human input. By using these channels to deliver relevant information to people online, when to switch to another digital marketing channel to move people further down the digital marketing funnel, and when to request a sale to get maximum conversions. As market dynamics change daily, digital marketers need to be more agile, alert and creative to stay ahead of their competition. He believes in bringing a practical approach to training in digital marketing rather than just a theoretical understanding of concepts. Nowadays, companies are shifting towards a more digitally empowered configuration to take full advantage of the golden period of digital marketing that India is experiencing.

This is a major milestone that has opened up e-commerce and other forms of digital marketing practices for accelerated prosperity in the country.